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Need an engaging, thought-provoking keynote address that does more than help your audience feel good – it can set a foundation for a more agile culture and response to change?

Bring Rick Maher to your event or internal workshop and expose your audience to the Science of Agile Organizations with a high-energy, experienced speaker.

Speaking Topics

Ask about one of our prepared engagements or talk to us about customizing to meet your specific goals and needs:

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Characteristics of An Agile Worker.

Introduces the audience to AHC’s approach to Agile Organizations. Participants will be able to self-assess their individual tendencies with a quick, Individual Resiliency Preview and then explore the cultural, organizational characteristics of agile organizations. Rick will make the case for “changing the way we manage change” in the current Age of Disruption and your audience will come away from your event entertained, energized and engaged in the need to get more nimble – both individually and in the way they manage and lead their teams.

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Disruption by Design™: Getting to Nimble in the Age of Disruption.

Disruption by Design is our call to action for organizations facing today's disruptive, globally competitive economy. In the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, new technologies like AI and machine learning threaten to disrupt markets and the nature of work itself. Organizations and the people who work in them need to develop a mindset to disrupt themselves and "get nimble" lest they get disrupted from the outside. This high energy presentation is designed to make the case for agile leadership and an agile workforce, and increase competitive readiness for today's Age of Disruption.

What audiences say about Rick's style...

  • Very engaging! Fun yet informative!
  • Excellent presentations–interesting ideas!
  • Great–creative session!
  • Love the interactive nature of the presentation – great idea!
  • Engaging. Informative!
  • Best info received so far
  • Rick's expertise in presenting concepts, vision and more made this an excellent session. Great job!
  • Excellent presenter! I learned a lot!
  • Fantastic! He should be asked to come back to...the conference in October!
  • Captivating!
  • Awesome presentation! Interactive and real-world examples for transition


Forward Thinking. Excellent Session
Rick’s expertise in presenting concepts, vision and more made this an excellent session. Fantastic! He should be asked to come back to the conference in October!

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Workshop Attendee
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