• Get Nimble

    Adaptive Human Capital applies the science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to developing more adaptive human systems – at the individual, organizational and societal levels.

  • Disruption by Design

    Disruption by Design™ calls for creating more adaptive humans and more
    agile organizational cultures, so you'll be able to disrupt your
    business from the inside ... and avoid being disrupted from the outside.

  • Individual Resiliency Assessment

    Our Individual Resiliency Assessment© starts the Disruption by Design™ process by creating awareness of critical skills and defining a skill-building pathway for your workforce.

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Increase Employee Resilience

Increase Employee Resilience

Our Individual Resiliency Assessment© will help employees understand their behaviorial tendencies and build capacity to master change.

Build Organizational Agility

Build Organizational Agility

Optimize your performance by creating a culture that can compete and win in today's challenging environment. Use our Organizational Agility Assessment© to benchmark and measure progress!

Reduce Employee Stress And Burn-Out

Reduce Employee Stress And Burn-Out

Toxic cultures are making employees sick. Working harder and longer is not a sustainable management model. You don't need tougher workers, you need more resilient ones.

Build Engagement & Productivity

Build Engagement & Productivity

Leadership today is about more than managing effectively. Teach your leaders how to create an environment that builds engagement and agile performance.


How we can help you?


Put simply, we can help you cope with the challenge of an increasingly stressful and transformative global economy by helping you adapt and get nimble.

Adaptive Human Capital applies the science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to developing more adaptive human systems – at the individual, organizational and societal levels.

Through online assessments, structured learning programs and more, we help both individuals and the organizations they serve develop the capacity to become more resilient and agile -- enabling our clients to better capture the opportunity present in today’s globally competitive and dynamic economy.

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of US companies are involved
with a "major change initiative"



Employees are "not engaged" at work



feel stress on the job

How it works

A roadmap for building a more agile organization

  • Assess your workforce with our Individual Resiliency Assessment©
  • Use our Build Your Resilience Workshop™ to build awareness and capacity
  • Access your “Organizational Agility”
  • Train your managers and leaders in the new skills of “The Agile Leader”
  • Re-assess Organizational Agility to measure progress
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A roadmap for building a more agile organization

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