The management of change in an organizational or corporate setting is not new. For at least as long as there has been a science called Industrial-Organizational Psychology, we have been dealing with the issue of building organizational structures that allowed people to be more productive through changing times.

However, in an increasingly competitive global economy, the ability to manage workers and organizations through change effectively may be shifting from a competitive advantage to, quite literally, a survival strategy.

So, exactly what makes an organization capable of thriving in times of change and uncertainty? And what makes one person shift with changes gracefully and another resist so relentlessly?

For nearly thirty years, we’ve been studying this issue and helping organizations transform.

The result is a series of tools and offerings that we’re producing to foster the development of more nimble organizations – if you will, more adaptive humans™.

Our Organizational Change Model© describes nimble, resilient and adaptive cultures as a product of both organizational and individual factors. Working together, these individual and organizational factors create either more or less adaptive workforce responses to change.

We'll soon be releasing a set of videos that explain our approach to understanding agility, followed by online assessments that will measure individual and organizational resiliency and provide a baseline for continuing professional development that can build individual skills and shape cultural agility:

  • Our Organizational Resiliency Assessment™ will measure an organization’s standing against factors correlated with more nimble responses to change.
  • Our Individual Resiliency Assessment™ helps workers at any level gain insight into their tendencies when coping with change, and provides a roadmap for building their capacity to adapt and thrive through uncertain times.

Our introductory videos and Individual Resiliency Preview© will be free, and we’d invite your engagement as a method of introducing our work and advancing our research. Use the "Contact Us" link on this page to sign up for our newsletters and be notified when the tools come online.

Taking the Individual Resiliency Preview© will give you a glimpse of what is to come, build awareness about your own skills, and contribute to our research at the same time!

Future offerings include a full suite of products to assess and develop more adaptive, resilient and engaged workers, leaders and organizations -- all using the science of Adaptive Human Capital™.