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The Six Traits of Agile Organizations: What Participants Said.

Posted Aug 17, 2021 by Rick

Adaptive Human Capital’s President & CEO, Richard (“Rick”) Maher’s presentation (“The Six Traits of Agile Organizations and the Leaders Who Lead Them”) this week at Maryland’s “Raising the Bar Conference” got rave reviews. Listen to the feedback we got ….

  • “It was a pleasure hearing your presentation today and I am invested in being a “disruptor” for effective and positive change.”
  • “No human left behind. WOW!”
  • “You are crushing it RICK!”
  • "FAIL FORWARD" I really like that!”
  • “It was so refreshing to catch your session at Raising the Bar.”
  • “Thank you so much for that informative session on Six Traits of Agile Organizations. I learned so much.”
  • “Your presentation @RTB was inspiring! Thank you.”
  • “Rick. Your presentation hit a home run!”
  • “THANK YOU for such a great presentation and open conversation.”
  • “An open mind and open door is a great way to connect with our job seekers!!!”

The session explored how individuals tend to cope with change and how leaders can curate a culture to foster more nimble, innovative responses in today’s chaotic environment. Each participant also got access to AHC’s private, online Individual Resiliency Assessment.

“This was a great group. We had some technology challenges to start the day, but we all reacted with resilience and that lead to a perfect environment for our message,” said Maher. “Let’s face it, we are living through a terribly disruptive time. I’ll call it an Age of Disruption. People are stressed, anxious and feeling “stuck” waiting for normal to return, but, of course, it won’t. We’re not going back to normal, so we better figure out how to lead change more effectively.”

Interested business leaders can bring the “Six Traits” workshop to life in their own organizations. For more information, you can email Rick at or visit us on the web at

Adaptive Human Capital applies the science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to developing more adaptive human systems – at the individual, organizational and societal levels. In today’s global economy, organizations must move at the pace of change. We use proven, research-based approaches to helping people better manage change and foster a more open and risk-tolerant culture in the organizations we serve.