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Maher to present “Building Agile Cultures” at Global Talent Summit: Global leaders gather next week at Gallup’s Headquarters in D.C.

Posted Sep 29, 2022 by Rick

Adaptive Human Capital’s President & CEO, Richard (“Rick”) Maher will be presenting at next week’s Global Talent Summit 2022 to a group of talent development leaders in Washington, D.C. Hosted by Diplomatic Courier, Gallup and Skills Baby, the session will be held at Gallup’s headquarters on Wednesday, October 5.

Global Talent Summit (GTS) is the premier space for multi-disciplinary stakeholders from the private sector, policy, academia, and innovation to come together to discuss the trends and solutions for the future of work and education. Since its founding in 2013, GTS has convened over 6,000 strategists, key opinion leaders, and relevant stakeholders to shape the future of talent through education, innovation, and recruitment. The Summit will be keynoted by Gallup’s CEO, Jim Clifton. Maher will present his ideas on “Building Agile Cultures and Leaders” in a TED-like “lightening talk” on Wednesday morning following Clifton’s opening.

“Today’s leaders need to be more agile, innovative, and disruptive in pursuit of a next-generation response to a post-COVID economy, but they need to build a culture where their people can be that way too,” says Maher. “I’ll share our Six Traits of Agile Organizations and call on attendees to be bold in breaking through the inertia of the status quo.”

Attendees will hear Rick’s call for a new leadership “mindset” – he calls it Disruption by Design -- and explore the Six Traits of Agile Organizations to give them the tools and tactics to support themselves and others through change and uncertainty.

“We are living through a terribly disruptive time,” says Maher. “People are stressed, anxious and feeling “stuck” waiting for normal to return, but, of course, it won’t. We’re not going back to normal, so we better figure out how to manage change more effectively and find better balance in our lives as we do.”

Interested parties can get more information on the Global Talent Summit on their website.