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GSETA 2019: Meeting the Challenge of Changing Times.

Posted Sep 30, 2019 by Austin

“Building Resiliency Workshop” Includes Individual Resiliency Assessment

Adaptive Human Capital’s Building Resiliency Workshopwill be presented on Wednesday, October 2nd at GSETA 2019 in Atlantic City, and will include both individual and organizational agility assessments that will drive a personalized learning experience.

“Be Agile or Be Disrupted: Organizational Agility for the Future of Work” will explore forecasted technological developments that will drive changes in the workplace, and detail the traits of resilient individuals and organizations to help folks better cope with coming changes. Private, self-assessments will allow learners to gain new insight into their own tendencies when coping with workplace stress and uncertainty.

“The pace of change will never move this slow again,” said Richard (“Rick”) Maher, Adaptive Human Capital’s President and CEO. “All of us are going to need to shift with the currents and adapt. This workshop is going to help get the process started!”

AHC’s Individual Resiliency Assessment and Organizational Agility planning tool will be among the key elements of the workshop, enabling participants to discover their strengths and limitations and set intentions for more agile responses to workplace challenge.

Interested GSETA 2019 conference attendees can join us on Wednesday, October 2 from 10:15 to 12:15 at Bally’s Park Place Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Adaptive Human Capital applies the science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to developing more adaptive human systems – at the individual, organizational and societal levels. In today’s global economy, organizations must move at the pace of change. We useproven, research-based approaches to helping people better manage change and foster a more open and risk-tolerant culture in the organizations we serve.