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AHC CEO Rick Maher talks about resiliency on new podcast

Posted Jun 10, 2020 by Austin

AHC CEO Rick Maher talks about resiliency on new podcast

Adaptive Human Capital’s CEO, Richard (“Rick”) Maher sat down with podcaster Kelly Bailey this week to talk about building more adaptive responses to change in a wide-ranging and engaging fifty-minute discussion.

Maher was invited to be among the initial guests for the “Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby!” podcast in which he discusses the need to find better ways to help people and organizations cope with transformational change.

“The world has been changing at a break-neck pace, and people are increasingly stressed with increased levels of uncertainty,” says Maher. “But the fact is we’re never going to change this slow again! What more, the pandemic is going accelerate the adoption of even more disruptive technologies which will transform nearly everyone’s job. We need to stop waiting for things to return to normal … “normal” wasn’t working so well anyway. We need a better post-COVID “normal” and leaders need to develop a mindset and curate a culture that helps folks move forward now.”

The session explores Maher’s experience in change management consulting and the factors that lead to his development of Adaptive Human Capital, and then explores the new research and tool sets that AHC has introduced to the market, including our new Individual Resiliency Assessment.

Kelly Bailey is an extremely passionate about transferable skills, personalized learning & career pathways, return on investment for education, skill-based learning & hiring, empowering women, and developing growth mindsets. This new podcast is an extension of her professional work in focusing on the skills required to cope with today’s challenging workplace and achieving personal and professional success.

You can watch the episode live on You Tube now, and you can subscribe/listen or watch the podcast (“Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby!”) on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.