Interview with Rick Maher on Building Resiliency Workshop

Posted Sep 12, 2019 by Rick

Maryland’s Raising the Bar Conference Podcast

Adaptive Human Capital’s President & CEO, Richard (“Rick”) Maher was recently interviewed about his up-coming workshop at Maryland’s Raising the Bar Conference.

The short, six minute interview describes the workshop objectives and what participants who are thinking of attending can expect.

“Building Resiliency” is Adaptive Human Capital’s introductory workshop. Designed to help people understand the traits of resilient individuals and organizations, the 3 hour session will be interactive and engaging from beginning to end. Designed for individuals, leaders and teams, the Building Resiliency Workshop uses a private self-assessment to build awareness of the participant’s individual change response and helps to develop an ability to better cope with change and remain agile in today’s stressful work environment. Leaders and managers learn the environmental characteristics of agile organizations and their critical role in supporting workforce resiliency through change.

Maher’s workshop is scheduled as a 3 hour pre-conference session and will be held on September 17, 2019 at Maryland’s Turf Valley Resort.

Adaptive Human Capital applies the science of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to developing more adaptive human systems – at the individual, organizational and societal levels. In today’s global economy, organizations must move at the pace of change. We use proven, research-based approaches to helping people better manage change and foster a more open and risk-tolerant culture in the organizations we serve.